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Saffron Honeysaffron-honeysaffron-honey
Saffron Honey
Saffron Honey
Saffron Honey

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Saffron Honey


Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. It is known for its numerous health benefits. Premium saffron strands are carefully grinded into powder before delicately adding it to luxurious honey for the best result of infusion. A luxury blend of saffron and honey giving the honey a robust, yet delicate flavour.

Saffron Honey combines the health benefits of both saffron and honey. Saffron Honey is enjoyable to be consumed while nourishing body with various essential nutrients & vitamins; therefore effective to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, calm nervousness, etc. Saffron Honey can be consumed on its own, adding to tea or just mix it with water.

Due to its high antioxidant properties, it is advised not to use metal spoon and water temperature higher than 60 °C to prevent oxidation.

Store at room temperature

Net Weight: 227g

*Packing is in fixed weight

MYR 47.90


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