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Our Story

We believe luxurious tasting delicacies do not require sacrificing healthy eating. Here at Baaji’s we strive to provide mouth-watering delicacies all with a healthy diet in mind. Whether that is with our premium dates, varieties of nuts, dried fruits, or our many hand crafted delicacies all of which use the freshest of ingredients available. We aim to make rich and delicious treats that not only taste good, but also make you feel good, and we are sure once you try them you’ll never desire substitutes.

All our dates, dried fruits and nuts are imported from the highest quality sources and only the most premium are brought to our store shelves. We carry an extensive range of dates with including Ajwa, Madjool, Safawi, Mabroom, Mariami, Stuffed Khidri Dates, Chocolate Dates, etc. All varieties of dates are different in terms of taste and texture but the same top quality. Baaji’s is the right place for all date connoisseurs.

Baaji’s has an ever expanding variety of irresistible mouth-watering gourmet delicacies including Honey Baklava, Baaji’s Sweet, Moroccan Desire, Date Delight, etc. Our delicacies are freshly baked daily by our highly experienced pastry chef with decades of experience using premium ingredients including Pistachios, Cashewnuts, Almonds, Walnut, Honey, etc. Our products are certified Halal and produced under very strict hygienic procedures to insure we are able to provide the highest quality goods to our customers.

Baaji’s first luxury retail outlet store that sells the gourmet delicacies and premium dates is established in year 2012. Baaji’s stores are located at Bangsar Shopping Centre and IOI City Mall and because of the quality of the products we sell, we have become staples of these locations. Over the years, we have developed and designed an array of luxury Swiss Chocolate gift sets, ceramic container with Honey Baklava, premium gift boxes and exclusive seasonal Hampers. We offer exclusive, unique and innovative gifts to fulfil the needs of the most discerning customers. For every Malaysia’s cultural holidays and celebrations such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas, we provide the most beautiful gift boxes and exquisite hampers which are perfect to impress your business partners, friends and family.

We have been happy to serve our many customers new and exciting flavours and let them rest assured that it is all made from the freshest, healthiest ingredients available. One bite and we are confident you will never desire the substitutes.

“Healthy Products for the Healthy Minded.”