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Nougat & Malban1-assorted-nougat-and-malban1-assorted-nougat-and-malban
Assorted Nougat and Malban
Assorted Nougat and Malban

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Assorted Nougat and Malban


Baaji’s offer a wide range of Nougat and Malban. In Lebanon, Nougat are traditionally made by heating sugar with honey, glucose syrup and egg whites. Roasted pistachios are added to nougat to enhance the flavour and crunch. This melt in your mouth delicacy are created into many amazing flavours like rose, strawberry, apricot, etc.

Malban are the traditional Lebanese delicacy made with grape molasses and thicken by adding starch to it. Rose water and roasted pistachios are added to enrich the flavour and adding crunchy texture to soft chewy Malban. The combination of different nuts and fruits creates many varieties of Malban. With each bite of Malban, your mouth will be filled with amazing aroma of rose water.

Nougat and Malban are individually wrapped for your convenience and freshness. They are an irresistible sweet treat to serve alongside coffee.

This delightful assortment of Nougat and Malban are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Package may not contain every flavours.

*Packing is in fixed weight

MYR 11.00


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