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Baajis's Swiss Chocolatebaajis-swiss-chocolatebaajis-swiss-chocolate
Baaji’s Swiss Chocolate
Baaji’s Swiss Chocolate

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Baaji’s Swiss Chocolate


Baaji’s imported Swiss Chocolate have a silky, smooth and melt-in-your mouth texture. We offer a wide range of Praliné and Gianduja chocolate filled with pistachio, almond, hazelnut and many more flavours. Praliné or Gianduja fillings are matched with the right chocolate – either milk or dark, which compliments their flavour best.

Satisfy your chocolate craving with our smooth Praliné or Gianduja fillings encased in a crispy chocolate shell. Simultaneously crunchy and succulent, bring your indulgence to another level!

A gift boxes filled with an assortment of Baaji’s Swiss Chocolate are ideal gifts for all occasions.


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