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Apricot Delightdark-chocolate-coated-apricot-delightdark-chocolate-coated-apricot-delight
Dark Chocolate Coated Apricot Delight
Dark Chocolate Coated Apricot Delight

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Dark Chocolate Coated Apricot Delight


Apricot paste is carefully crafted into a ball, coated with dark chocolate and sprinkled with Pistachio slices that add vibrancy to it.

Each delicious bite of Apricot Delight combine the luxury of dark chocolate and a sweet-sour fruity taste of Apricot. This wholesome and nourishing Apricot Delight can be savoured in any form, be it dessert or as a snack.

*Delivery only available within Klang Valley

*Packing is in fixed weight

MYR 85.00


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