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Individually Wrapped Delicaciesindividually-wrapped-mamool-fig-walnut-cookiesindividually-wrapped-mamool-fig-walnut-cookies
Individually Wrapped Mamool (Fig Walnut Cookies)
Individually Wrapped Mamool (Fig Walnut Cookies)

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Individually Wrapped Mamool (Fig Walnut Cookies)


Fig Walnut Cookies are also known as Mamool. They are traditional Middle Eastern cookies stuffed with pure fig paste and crunchy crushed walnuts. The buttery cookies will melt in your mouth. This perfect combination make it delightfully delicious.

They are individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene. So go on, grab a few packs of Mamool and enjoy a delicious, spontaneous treat when sweet cravings strike!

*Packing is in fixed weight

MYR 13.50


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