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Individually Wrapped Premium Datesindividually-wrapped-mariami-datesindividually-wrapped-mariami-dates
Individually Wrapped Mariami Dates
Individually Wrapped Mariami Dates

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Individually Wrapped Mariami Dates


Mariami Dates are also known as Piarom Dates. They are the most exquisite dates cultivated throughout the Persian Gulf. They are semi-dry and chewy in texture. Mariami Dates are dark brown in color and elongated in shape. They have more wrinkles and are less sweet compared to Mabroom Dates.

Eating Mariami Dates will enrich your body with numerous minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, and Multi-Vitamins which are beneficial to the immune system, whereas high fibre is beneficial for the digestive system.

Mariami Dates are popular due to their unique taste. They can be eaten as is, or chopped and used in different ways like adding in to cereal, pudding, cakes, or bread.

Baaji’s Individually Wrapped Mariami Dates are perfect for grab-and-go; they are hygienic and convenient. They are perfect as a healthy snack or a healthy meal replacement, whenever you want, wherever you go.

*Packing is in fixed weight

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