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Individually Wrapped Premium Datesindividually-wrapped-safawi-datesindividually-wrapped-safawi-dates
Individually Wrapped Safawi Dates
Individually Wrapped Safawi Dates

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Individually Wrapped Safawi Dates


Baaji’s Safawi Jumbo Dates have a black colour, slightly wrinkled skin with hints of brown. These oblong-shaped dates are mainly grown in Saudi Arabia. Safawi Dates are mildly sweet and chewy in texture. They are delicious but not too sweet so you can continue to have more than one piece and enjoy the wonderful taste.

The Safawi date palm is one of the most productive date varieties, it produces a lot of dates throughout the year. The demand for Safawi Dates is high due to the health benefits. They are known for treating anaemia.

Baaji’s Individually wrapped Safawi Dates are perfect for grab-and-go; they are hygienic and convenient. They are perfect as a healthy snack or a healthy meal replacement, whenever you want, wherever you go.

*Packing is in fixed weight

MYR 9.00


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