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Premium Dried Fruitsstuffed-figs-with-walnutstuffed-figs-with-walnut
Stuffed Figs with Walnut
Stuffed Figs with Walnut
Stuffed Figs with Walnut
Stuffed Figs with Walnut

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Stuffed Figs with Walnut


Baaji’s Dried Figs are imported from Turkey. Figs are a unique fruit with mild, sweet tasting flesh, filled with hundreds of tiny seeds.

Dried figs are one of the best dried fruit and are packed with a lot of medicinal benefits such as promote healthy digestion, decrease risk of heart disease, and better blood sugar level management. They are a rich source of dietary fibre and the essential minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamin K. They are great treat to eat on its own or to use in baking.

Stuffed Figs with Walnut double up the indulgence and nutrient intake. The combination of soft fig flesh with crunchy walnut makes it irresistible. They are ideal for snacking since they are extremely tasty and healthy.

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